Friday, January 15, 2016

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride Near Napa Casinos

Just 30 minutes away from Twin Pines Casino & Resort you can enjoy all the wonders of flying on a hot air balloon ride. That’s right - near Napa Valley casinos, right in the heart of the city sits Calistoga Balloons. At Calistoga Balloons you get to have a safe and fun experience unlike any other where you get to fly high above the beautiful wine country. Take the family with Staying at the Twin Pines Casino & Resort is located in a good spot to give you unlimited activities to do with you and your family. Because Calistoga Balloons is just a short drive away, why not take a hot air balloon ride for you and you’re kin or a maybe a romantic flight for just two? You can take up to 16 people with you!

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