Friday, January 30, 2015

Important tips to keep in mind before choosing Bay Area casinos and hotels

The San Francisco Bay Area has always been and will always be one of the best entertainment destinations in Northern California. Everything from Pier 39 to the Napa Valley Wine Country, the Bay Area entertainment scene has never been better. The option to enjoy the nightlife of The City or the lush, rolling hills of Napa, is what makes the Bay Area a wonderfully unique option when choosing how and where to spend your hard-earned cash. The myriad of Bay Area casinos, like Twin Pine Casino & hotel is a fantastic place to stay while exploring all that the North Bay has to offer. When choosing a casino in the Bay Area, tor anywhere for that matter, there are a few things to remember before finalizing your plans or reservation.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Napa Valley casinos and hotels fuel the county’s massive tourism boom!

When you think of tourism in Northern California, it’s almost impossible not to have the Napa Valley pop up in your top three vacation destinations. And according to its tourism district, which is run by Visit Napa Valley, you’re not the only one with that inclination. According to the 2013 statistics, Napa has taken a huge helping of the area’s tourism, surpassing competing areas like Sonoma and Monterey counties. The reason being, is that over the past few years, beginning in 2010 the countywide tourism improvement district, which was created by the local hotel industry has been able to raise more than $18 million since it’s inception.