Friday, January 29, 2016

Fly High This Winter Near Middletown Hotels

December and January are two months out of the year that tend to get very hectic. With holiday shopping, work, parties, and events – it feels like you don’t actually get the relaxing break you need. The Twin Pine Casino & Hotel is a perfect place when seeking both entertainment and relaxation. When it comes to the activities you can do while staying at this Middletown hotel – the list is endless. One thrilling adventure to partake in while in Middletown should be flying at Crazy Creek Air Adventure Glider Rides. That’s right! This winter could be your opportunity to flying in a glider! Crazy Creek Air Adventure’s Glider Rides offer the chance of a lifetime – to fly like the birds above the Napa valley hills, dormant volcanoes, geysers, vineyards, and more! No need to be afraid - only FAA certified commercial pilots fly these planes. Also there are 40 years of flying experience under their belt – so you know you are in safe hands.

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