Thursday, June 30, 2016

Celebrating an Event? Why Not Have it at Twin Pine’s Casino in the Bay Area?

Have you ever had the task of throwing an extra large party? Do you wonder if you even have enough room in your house to have 50+ people walking around, let alone standing? The truth is, some celebrations are just too big to be taking place in a residential area. That’s why Twin Pine’s Casino in the Bay Area has the Twin Pine Event Center – the perfect place for your large event! Big enough for a stage The Event Center is 10,000 square feet and can hold any sort of event or party. You could set up a trade show, banquet, fundraiser, conference, retirement party, and more – this room is not limited to one kind of affair. There is even a stage in there, which is great for live performances from bands, comedians, business speakers, or whatever you want. If you wanted to put a wedding ceremony up on the stage, Twin Pine would make that happen.

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